8th February 2024 - 11am (SA time)

On-Property & Online
1315 Marrabel Road, Kapunda SA

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    ** This year our annual “Power in the Pedigree” sale will be immediately after Beef Week being one of the first on-property sales for 2024 to be held Thursday 8th Feb at 11am (interfaced with AuctionsPlus). We warmly welcome you to this great opportunity to obtain quality genetics. **

    Our breeding philosophy at Maryvale is simple; to multiply strong, sound, fertile, calving ease, calm cattle, producing high yielding, top eating quality carcasses with predictable performance and consistency.  We research deeply into pedigrees selecting elite sires that produce the results, which we carefully single match, to the females, who are full of breed legends.

    • We invite you to visit during Beef Week on Friday, 3rd February 2023, all sale animals penned for inspection.
    • Sire Verified, EU accredited, J-BAS 8, Semen tested, vaccinated.
    • Photos & videos available of every lot will be posted here prior to the sale.
    • Requests for sale catalogues welcomed, or view here on our website prior to the sale.
    Energetic young bulls by sires such as;
    • Maryvale Quixley Q67
    • Maryvale Ralph R113
    • G A R Reliant
    • Glenoch-JK Makahu M602
    • Dunoon Prime Minister P758
    • Stoney Point Quiet Q248
    • Millah Murrah Lakeside L69
    • Varilek Geddes 7068
    • Chiltern Park Moe M6
    • Clunie Range Plantation P392
    • Millah Murrah Quartz Q29
    • Millah Murrah Quixote Q96
    • Sitz Stellar 726D

    2024 Angus Embryo Opportunity!

    Awesome opportunity to purchase genetics at the high end of the Angus breed!

    Proven by the results in the Millah Murrah Angus Female Sale April 2023 when the MM Flower females dominated the top prices achieving highs of $140K and $100K with an Australian Angus female sale record average of $29,732.

    We have been impressed with the Millah Murrah Flower females and their progeny that we have on the ground at Maryvale and are pleased to offer four elite packages containing 4 embryos in each Lot. (Lots 71-74).

    • Three Millah Murrah Quartz Q29 daughters sold for $100K, $90K and $70K in April 2023. Joined here with the top performing Millah Murrah Flower N227 Donor. (Lot 73)
    • Knowla So Right S48 sold for $190,000 in 2022. He brings a deep high performing pedigree, outstanding data and phenotype. Joined with our Stunning MM Loch Up  Donor brings frame size and function for embryos that cover all bases. (Lot 74)
    • The great combination of Sitz Sellar joined with the large framed Millah Murrah Flower / Loch Up female.(Lot 72)
    • We have found the Makahu x Millah Murrah Flower combination to be one of the most successful joinings we have done. Super structure and phenotype. (Lot 71)



    2024 Maryvale Pre-Sale Videos

    Videos taken 13/12/23

    Use the button in the top right hand corner labelled '1/71' to select which Lot you want to view.

    Or you can press play and watch them all in order.

    2024 Maryvale Angus & Limousin & Limflex Bull Photos

    Photos taken 13/12/23

    Our annual sale provides a great opportunity to obtain elite bulls providing exceptional value for the purchaser. Maryvale selects the highest quality genetics for profitable beef production. We like strong, sound, productive, functional cattle that are a pleasure to work with and easy to look after. We use strict phenotype and EBV parameters for all recorded traits, including calving ease, growth, structure and carcass quality. We believe predictable genetics come from years of breeding with high-quality pedigrees. We use the best we can find.
    All cattle are EU accredited and J-BAS 8.

    Quality Bulls | Elite Females | Embryos | Black & Red | Calving Ease

    Contact Us

    Vogt Family
    Phone: 08 8566 2045
    Mobile (Matt): 0407 959 837
    Address: 1315 Marrabel Road, Kapunda, SA, 5373
    Location: 10km North of Kapunda on the Marrabel Road
    Kapunda airstrip is available for light planes and is very close to our property,
    call 0428 105 373 and we will happily pick you up.

    About Maryvale

    Maryvale was established in 1973 and is one of Australia’s most progressive seedstock herds.

    We focus our cattle breeding on calving ease, growth, softness and feed efficiency. We aim to produce high yielding and genetically docile Limousin and Angus seedstock for the Australian beef industry. We choose quality genetics which will add value to all aspects of beef production from fertility and constitution to finishing and eating quality. Also of high importance are structural soundness and walking ability.

    Our bulls are known as Maryvale Prime Beef sires and have been bred for multiple generations. The extra softness or finishing ability of our stock sets them apart and will be noted upon inspection. This softness has enabled Maryvale genetics to thrive in a number of environments including the far north pastoral regions.

    Our bulls are well known for their ability to add length, weight, and shape to their calf crops which ultimately results in increased profitability to the commercial producer. The muscling and finishing ability that is inherent in Maryvale genetics also enables flexibility and choice in regard to the target markets that a producer may wish to target. Our bulls have a capacity to produce progeny that can be targeted to meet premium MSA, domestic vealer, backgrounder, feeder cattle, heavy export or breeder markets.

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    Contact Us

    Vogt Family
    Maryvale Phone: 08 8566 2045
    Mobile (Matt): 0407 959 837
    Address: 1315 Marrabel Road, Kapunda, SA, 5373
    Location: 10km North of Kapunda on the Marrabel Road
    Kapunda airstrip is available for light planes and is very close to our property,
    call Tess Vogt on 0428 105 373 and we will happily pick you up.